PhD Program in Veterinary Sciences

Program regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011

Approved by Resolution of 28 February 2014 (BOE 11 March 2014)

Academic year of implementation: 2013-14

Center responsible for the program: Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

RUCT Code: 5600687

ISCED Code: 6 (Veterinary and Agriculture)


The objective of the PhD Program in Veterinary Science is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop research work in the various fields of basic and applied Veterinary Science, including anatomy, animal biology and physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, production, animal health, medicine, pathology, reproduction, surgery, toxicology, pharmacology, food technology and hygiene, among other areas. The program aims to provide multidisciplinary training for its students, integrated into quality teaching.

Over 30 research groups from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine participate in the PhD Program in Veterinary Science, whose members also collaborate with researchers from numerous national and international universities and research centres in the implementation of projects, student placements, evaluation and supervision of doctoral theses and publication of scientific papers.

The program starts on October 15 of each academic year.


March 15 to September 20, 2021