Training activities


Veterinary Faculty. Complutense University of Madrid


Coordinator of the Program: Prof. Manuela Fernández Álvarez (Vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies) (

Attendance at seminars, conferences and congresses

The student must attend seminars, conferences, symposia and congresses related to his/her research topic, as well as courses on research training.

The minimum dedication to these activities for full-time students will be 10 hours/year. Students enrolled on a part-time basis will be able to dedicate a smaller number of hours, in any case completing at the end of their studies a total number of hours equivalent to that of full-time students.

For the evaluation of this activity, the student will sign an attendance sheet or present a certificate of attendance/submission of scientific contribution.

Presentation of a seminar

The student will publicly present at least one seminar in which he or she will systematically describe part of the research that is the subject of his or her doctoral thesis. The topic will be selected according to the tutor and/or the supervisor(s) of the thesis. This activity will count for 25 hours of student work. The seminar will be presented in the second or third year of studies.

The seminars are evaluated by the tutor and/ the supervisor/s of the thesis, as well as by the Academic Committee of the PhD Program.


Preparation of a research article

From the second year for full-time and the third year for part-time students, the student will write a research article for publication in a journal indexed in the first half of the corresponding subject in the Journal Citation Reports.


Other activities

To obtain the "International Doctor" mention it will be necessary to carry out a research stay in other countries, preferably after the second year of training, and with a minimum duration of three months.