Instructions for Registration


Instructions for Registration

1) If you would like to join our PhD programme, the first thing you need to do is to contact one of our research groups to find out if they have places available for new students.

2) Then, sign up at this link:

If you do not have an e-mail account at the UCM, please enter an e-mail account in the username field and click on Login. You will receive an email with your access password in your e-mail account.

3) Now, add your details and upload your files:

-       Passport or identity card

-       Short resumé

-       Copy of Bachelor/Graduate degrees and, if applicable, Master's Degree

-       Certificate of studies of the accredited degrees

-       Language proficiency certificate (English/Spanish)

-       Application form for admission to the program

4) Students from countries outside the European Higher Education Area must apply at the same time for access to PhD studies at the UCM (

ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact the Coordinator of the Program (

For questions about admission requirements, please attach your CV and the research line/s of your interest