Publicaciones Recientes del Grupo INMIVET

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023. A tailored approach to leishmaniases vaccination: Comparative evaluation of the efficacy and cross-protection capacity of DNA vs. Peptide-based vaccines in the murine model. Mas, A., Hurtado-Morillas, C., Martínez-Rodrigo, A., Orden, JA., de la Fuente, R., Domínguez-Bernal, G., & Carrión, J.

Journal of Veterinary Research 2022. Detection and antimicrobial resistance of Enterobacteriaceae other than Escherichia coli in raccoons from the Madrid region of Spain. Orden, JA., Martínez-Rodrigo, A,, Isabel Vela, A, Francisco Fernández-Garayzábal, J,, Hurtado-Morillas, C,, Mas, A., & Domínguez-Bernal, Gustavo.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022. Transcriptomic Profile of Canine DH82 Macrophages Infected by Leishmania infantum Promastigotes with Different Virulence Behavior. Mas A, Martínez-Rodrigo A, Carrión J, Orden JA, Alzate JF, Domínguez-Bernal G & Horcajo, P.

Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 2021. Properties of virulence emergence of Leishmania infantum isolates from Phlebotomus perniciosus collected during the human leishmaniosis outbreak in Madrid, Spain. Hepatic histopathology and immunological parameters as virulence markers in the mouse model. Mas A, Martínez-Rodrigo A, Mas A, Orden JA, Molina R, Jiménez M, Jiménez MA, Carrión J, Domínguez-Bernal G.

Zoonoses and Public Health 2021. Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in the Madrid region (Spain) are carriers of antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli and enteropathogenic E. coli. José A. Orden, Isidro García-Meniño, Saskia C. Flament-Simon, Jorge Blanco, Ricardo de la Fuente, Abel Martínez-Rodrigo, Alicia Mas, Javier Carrión, Francisco Sobrino, Gustavo Domínguez-Bernal.

Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 2020. A further investigation of the leishmaniosis outbreak in Madrid (Spain): low-infectivity phenotype of the Leishmania infantum BOS1FL1 isolate to establish infection in canine cells. Alicia Mas, Abel Martínez-Rodrigo, Jose Antonio Orden, Luis Miguel Viñals Flórez, Gustavo Domínguez-Bernal, Javier Carrión.

Vaccines 2020.  Epitope Selection for Fighting Visceral Leishmaniosis: Not All Peptides Function the Same Way. Martínez-Rodrigo A, Mas A, Álvarez-Campos D, Orden JA, Domínguez-Bernal G, Carrión J.

Vaccines 2019.  Immunization with the HisAK70 DNA Vaccine Induces Resistance against Leishmania amazonensis Infection in BALB/c Mice. Martínez-Rodrigo A, S Dias D, Ribeiro PAF, Roatt BM, Mas A, Carrión J, Coelho EAF, Domínguez-Bernal G.

European Polymer Journal 2019.  PLGA cationic nanoparticles, obtained from nano-emulsion templating, as potential DNA vaccines. Eduard Soler Besumbes, Cristina Fornaguera, Marta Monge, María José García-Celma, Javier Carrión, Conxita Solans, Aurora Dols-Perez.

Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis 2019.  Strength and medium-term impact of HisAK70 immunization in dogs: Vaccine safety and biomarkers of effectiveness for ex vivo Leishmania infantum infection. Abel Martínez-Rodrigo, Alicia Mas, Javier Fernández-Cotrina, Silvia Belinchon-Lorenzo, José A. Orden, Pablo Arias, Ricardo De La Fuente, Javier Carrión and Gustavo Domínguez-Bernal.

Journal of Biophotonics 2019. Label-free bioanalysis of Leishmania infantum using refractive index tomography with partially coherent illumination. Soto Juan M. Mas A, Rodrigo J.A, Alieva T. Domínguez-Bernal G.